An Ecological and Economical Alternative to Driving

With fuel prices getting ridiculously out of hand as of late, I wanted to draw your attention to a more relaxed, ecologically friendly, economically smart, alternative way of getting around Cairns. Public transportation is a fun way of seeing the sights of Cairns at an affordable price. Whether you are in the mood to catch a cab or take a scenic bus trip to get to where you are going, there is an option for everyone. Buses, taxis and ubers are of course a great way of getting around Cairns or for doing a little sight-seeing. Maps are available at just about any Tourist Information Centre or convenience store for a very small price and of course offer a healthy way of getting around Cairns, allowing for a more personalized approach to seeing what you want to see or going where you need to go. Of course, by doing a small blog about this topic, we are also doing our part to help the environment.