Port Douglas
Born to Albert & Violent Taderera in a small but amazing country called Zimbabwe located in the southern part of Africa.

Eligious (Eli) Taderera is a Son, Husband, Father, Friend and Entrepreneur.

From an early age Eli and began to live out his life's purpose and nurtured a deep DESIRE to contribute to the reformation of people, of communities and whole countries.

His MOTIVATION to inspire initiatives designed to empower many to see and realize their individual potential has been a strong influence in his life's choices.

His PASSION to encourage and empower as many as possible to manifest a greater measure of the potential that lies inside of them has given him the commitment apply himself despite his own personal failures and struggles. In fact Eli has understood even better that good character and lasting convictions come about through trails and testing.

Eli has DEDICATED his life to Enterprise and humanitarian causes and uses them as a means to contribute micro and macro community transformation. 

He UNDERSTANDS that some of the biggest obstacles to fulfilling and achieving life's purpose include:

  1. Failure to identify purpose or life's calling
  2. Recognizing purpose but choosing not to pursue it
  3. Pursing Purpose but failing to invest in what is need in order to achieve and sustain it 
  4. Failure to pass it on to the next generation

So this page is designed to connect you to resources guaranteed to help you find and achieve your life's purpose.

Here are some of Eli's 'Sayings Quotes & Thoughts'
That each life's purpose realized and achieved makes the world a better place.
Whilst intrinsically we all know that we cannot put value on a persons life but there are those in the world whose sole ambition is to use and destroy other living people for their own benefit.

Eli also believes that the big picture involves people coming to terms with the fact that there is something greater than revealed to the natural eye and beyond what science can ever discover. That there is a world beyond our natural understanding and that our deepest fulfilment is only realized when we become reconnected to our Creator.