Clubs and Sports for The Cairns Region

Whether your pleasure is cricket, soccer, swimming or hitting that pesky little white ball around with an oversized club and then slamming the club into the ground cos that pesky little white ball has flown into a water hazard on the 5th hole, Cairns has a wide range of clubs and sports that you can take part in, as well as so many sporting events that we are lucky enough to host! But then, you also need somewhere to train for all these sports that you have signed up for lol. So, that’s where the All-night Gyms come into play. With many of the gyms in Cairns being 24 hour gyms, there is no excuse for not getting in your weekly workout ha ha. Of course, if your pleasure is spectating, then Cairns has also got you covered. Brother’s Leagues Club, Fuller’s @ Edmonton, Cazaly’s, the options are limitless.