Providing navigation and stabilization to quad-, hexa-, and octo-rotor aircraft, the DJI A3 is optimised for professional and cinematography applications. It features GNSS which allows it to use satellite systems such as GPS or GLONASS to provide positional data. The DJI A3 can also be used in conjunction with DJI’s Lightbridge 2 system for high-quality video downlinks from a gimbal-mounted camera.

With the DJI Lightbridge 2, you get to greatly reduce the number of parts you need to carry, mount and set up. With the receiver fully integrated into a new remote controller, simply connect your display equipment, power your system on, and you are ready to start broadcasting within seconds. The included remote also provides easy access to vital functions using its dedicated hardware controls for photo and video capture, gimbal pitch control and others.

**Please note Australian customers should check local rules and regulations by visiting CASA’s website before using this device.