THE ULTIMATE TELEPHOTO ZOOMUltra telephoto zoom with a constant large aperture

Internal focusing & zooming

Case, rear circular polarizer, hood, & rear cap

Sigma’s APO 300-800mm F5.6 EX DG HSM is another unique lens in the line of Sigma offerings. An ultra telephoto as no other camera or lens manufacturer offers the serious photographer! Featuring a constant aperture of F5.6 throughout the entire zoom range, this lens is ideal for photographing wildlife when there is no way of controlling the distance of the animal to the camera. With a simple turn of the zoom ring, the photographer can instantly adjust the composition of the image without moving or disturbing the subject. Similarly, the zoom accommodates sporting photography such as soccer or surfing where the rapidly changing distance of the action requires massive changes in focal length in a matter of seconds. Two SLD (Special Low Dispersion) glass elements provide optimum color correction & sharpness throughout the entire zoom range. At the rear of the lens, a drop in 46mm filter holder is provided so that the photographer can easily add inexpensive color correction or light balancing filters. A perfect lens for surveillance use, its stealth black finish is unobtrusive and easily concealed.

The Sigma 18-35mm f/1.8 DC HSM | Art is the first wide-angle to standard zoom lens to achieve a large aperture of 1.8. It is designed specifically for APS-C sized sensorsand incorporates a wide glass molded aspherical lens with Special Low Dispersion (SLD) glass to compensate for aberrations and curvature at the widest angle. This lens has an internal focusing and zooming feature that allows for more usability and functionality and makes it ideal for landscape photography, portrait photography, still life photography, snap shots, casual photography, and close-ups.