Spectacular ZEISS prime lens performance

This first-class 24 mm (35 mm full frame equivalent) prime lens features a large F1.8 maximum aperture and is capable of outstanding sharpness and contrast throughout the frame plus beautiful “bokeh” in out-of-focus areas. Maximum magnification is 0.25x for dramatic 1:4 close-up capability, and an internal drive motor offers smooth, quiet autofocus operation that moviemakers will appreciate.

Extra speed and wide-angle appeal

An F1.8 maximum aperture and 24 mm focal length work with ZEISS optics to deliver outstanding images from well-lit landscapes to low-light indoor shots and even 1:4 close-ups.

Get close for impressive detail and impact

With a 6.3 in minimum focusing distance, this lens makes it possible to get close to your subject in 1:4 macro shots that show detail with impressive wide-angle perspective.

Smooth and quiet for quality movies

Smooth, quiet operation is essential for movie-making. The fluent, low-noise focus operation of this lens makes it a good choice for movies as well as stills.

Refined exterior finish and feel

A black aluminum alloy exterior blends beautifully with the graceful design of E-mount bodies, and an engraved focus ring offers superior grip and operating feel.